Free Photo Book: A Tour of the Ghana Tilapia Sector

A Pictorial Tour of the various player on the Ghana Tilapia Value Chain

According to SOFIA (2010), Aquaculture contributed 46 percent to the total fish production in the world in 2008; the remaining 54.3 percent came from capture fisheries (from the wild).

Although there are hundreds of pond-fish farmers in Ghana, most of them in tilapia production, they contribute less than 10 percent of the country’s total annual aquaculture produce. The bulk of Ghana’s 50,000-tonne yearly yield is contributed by a handful of cage farmers based along Lake Volta.

This pictorial tour of the Ghana Tilapia sector will shed some light into the various players on the value chain of which include:

  • The Retail outlet for Tilapia Sales;
  • The large and medium scale floating cage farmers;
  • Feed Producers
  • Fabricators etc…

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