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Farming Success

FarmersCreed is your all inclusive livestock platform that adapts to your business and grows it from day one.

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Replicate only the successes of other farmers through Farm Automation

FarmersCreed has taken away the guess work from Livestock farming by making it an exact science that learns from our network of farmers and tailors a solution delivered through simple daily tasks.

Hassle-free record keeping

FarmersCreed makes record keeping so simple you'll actually use it. Track all farm activity from the point it enters the farm till it exists.

Follow the money

Know how much each livestock is worth?
Breakdown your farm data and know how much each livestock is worth, how quickly your livestock is growing, what's making you money and what's holding you back.

Make smarter choices

FarmersCreed will crunch the numbers and compare it against the collective data of farmers on our network to help you make smarter choices and ensure your on the right track every step of the way.

FarmersCreed manages multiple livestock, multiple farms on multiple devices all in one inclusive price.

Farmerscreed helps you monitor and manage multiple livestock, farms, devices and staff all in your browser or mobile phone even without an internet connection - all your entries are synced between all devices and platforms.

Managed by FarmersCreed

Some of the livestock managed on the FarmersCreed Manager platform

Catfish Farming

Manage your Catfish Grow-Out Farm from Fingerling to Harvest with ease.

Pig Farming

Monitor your pig farm whether your breeding weaners for sale or fattened pigs we have you covered

Poultry Farming


Manage your layer farm and ensure your birds are laying at optimal capacity.

Poultry Farming


Manage your broiler farm and ensure you have healthy birds harvested at the earliest possible time


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