Free eBook: The Businessman's Guide to Catfish Farming

All you need to know about running a successful Catfish Farming Business

As the world population increases it is expected that the demand for food fish will also increase. Unfortunately, the natural water bodies are being exploited at levels beyond their maximum sustainable yields.

This method of fish removal from the waters without replacement is unsustainable, so alternative methods more viable have been sought as a solution to this problem which is Aquaculture Production.

According to SOFIA (2010), Aquaculture contributed 46 percent to the total fish production in the world in 2008; the remaining 54.3 percent came from capture fisheries (from the wild).

The Businessman’s Guide to Catfish Farming will lead you using pictures and a step-by-step approach on:

  • How to plan the start-up of a Catfish farm no matter how small the investment is;
  • How to plan the start-up of a Catfish farm based on the amount of land available;
  • How to select the right farming site;
  • Selection of ponds that best suits your budget and/or location;
  • How to Calculate quantity of feed needed daily,weekly up until harvest.
  • How to estimate profits on Investments made…….

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