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Our Story

A unified livestock management platform that integrates entire value chains.

FarmersCreed which started in 2014 by Lawrence Tamunokiri. An accountant and an entrepreneur with over 10 years in the agricultural sector with a passion for technology.

At FarmersCreed, we are farmers first before being technology enthusiasts. FarmersCreed was developed to solve a problem that we had on the various farms we own and others we managed for 3rd party owners.

It was created as a management solution that replicates the expertise and successes from a batch of livestock stocked, a farm or a particular production system. The idea was to eliminate the guesswork from agriculture and create a science around it that could be replicated across all batches and farms in which it is deployed irrespective of the experience of the staff on the farm. Basically FRANCHISING SUCCESS through simple daily tasks.

Whilst performing the farm automation function, we also found out in order to overcome the problem of pilfering and management inefficiencies due to the lack of experience from staff, there is the need for very thorough record keeping which should be as simple as the touch of a button. With proper records it is possible to overcome previous mistakes and put a check and audit in place to overcome pilfering.

FarmersCreed has been under constant development, testing and improvement using data and user inputs. We initially focused on the management of just fish but have evolved into a full Livestock Management Platform that handles pigs, poultry and Feed production. It has evolved into a solution for farmers that would generally make farming easy and act as an Autopilot to Success.

Our Strategy

Creative Agricultural Solutions

FarmersCreed is a company that provides creative agricultural solutions that empower all players on selected agricultural value chains, facilitating the needed partnerships and linkages ensuring growth of the whole.

Our Vision

Eliminating poverty by ensuring farmers succed and guiding them every step of the way to increased profits.

Farmers Creed as a social entrepreneurship company was set up to be a solution to the problem of unemployment and the waning Agricultural sector. It was setup to not only provide farmers with information that would ensure their success, but support them through the entire farming process up to the point of sale. Our plan of action is what is called Social Franchising.

The idea behind our social franchising model is to get everyone involved in the creation of the model/system; and this model would be made available for use by registered franchisees in order to create profitable businesses.

Being part of the network gives you access to not only a workable system that would ensure success, but a reduced price in the purchase of raw materials and a guaranteed market to have your finished products sold, more or less guaranteeing your success as a farmer.



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